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3 min readApr 4, 2021


First of all — we want to say big thanks for your support. We are shocked how fast our NFT sale was finished (took less than a month)!

We’ve been in Rarible and CoinMarketCap tops for a few times and this is only the beginning for $PAPER and FOMO app. Now we have enough resources to become a top-1 tool for DEX traders!

$PAPER distribution for NFT holders.

First distribution will happen on 10th of April, 09:00 UTC (GMT+0). All further distributions will happen on the 10th day of each month, 09:00 UTC (GMT+0).

Snapshots of the NFT holders will be made 1 day in advance, on the 9th day of every month (starting from 9th of April), 09:00 UTC (GMT+0).

NFT holders can claim their tokens on a special page, which will be released before the first distribution.

$PAPER staking and Liquidity mining program.

We always pay attention to what our users say and we decided to release two new farming programs. There’ll be no lockup period, but vesting schedule for rewards claiming. These programs will be launched approximately on 9th of April to increase liquidity and make additional incentives for $PAPER holders before the implementation of monetization.

Adding liquidity.

We didn’t plan to add more liquidity. But several investors asked us to do it. That’s why we decided to use part of collected funds to add more liquidity. 25 ETH will be added to the Uniswap pool. $PAPER tokens for the liquidity pool will be minted additionally. Uniswap liquidity pool will grow for about 100,000 USD.

Development roadmap.

Our roadmap is:

1. App optimization.

We have more and more regular users and the load is growing.

We need to start optimizing our application to prepare it for even more workloads. Work in this area will take 1–2 weeks.

2. Token search.

It is very important to give users the opportunity to receive analytics from the FOMO app for any coin and pair as soon as possible. We are actively working on this and planning to release the first version of search in mid-April.

3. Monetization.

It is also important for all $PAPER holders to start testing monetization as soon as possible. We also plan to launch the first version of monetization in April. This will be a freemium model, so far without a subscription, but with the need to hold $PAPER. For example, to see not only the first 10 gems in the FOMO app, but the whole list, you will need to have a certain amount of $PAPER on your balance. Also, the first version of monetization will affect the Price entry levels widget.

4. Portfolio.

It will automatically track all your trades, profits, losses for current and already closed positions. The first version will be launched in early May.

Smart contract audit.

Many users ask for a smart contract audit for their peace of mind and safety. We respect this request and plan to do an audit. It will be produced after the release of the farming contracts and the contract that distributes $PAPER tokens to the NFT holders.


Thanks to the resources that have appeared, we are working on increasing the full-time team. And also, we plan to stop being an anonymous project as soon as we finalize the final structure of the team. This should be around May.

$PAPER tokenomics

A lot of question regarding $PAPER tokenomics:

$PAPER max supply is 69 000 tokens.

$PAPER initial supply was 1 000 tokens.

$PAPER current circulation supply is 2 240.

20 000 $PAPER are dedicated to the NFT holders and will be released in the next 6 months.

7 100 $PAPER (1 100 were already distributed) are dedicated to the Farmers (

The rest of $PAPER tokens will be distributed during the next 3 years:

1. Incentivisation for our apps users — 30%

2. Incentivisation for liquidity providers — 30%

3. Strategic partnerships and listings — 20%

4. Adding more liquidity — 5%

5. Contests and other community growing activities — 15%

As always we are open for any questions in our Telegram chat

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