Limited NFT collection launch from

💎Fomo App — the ultimate solution for everyone who wants to make profits trading fresh gems. It helps to find new pairs, sort out worthy tokens with FOMO rating and gives all information on token page.

NFT drop

Why do we need it?

NFT Collection




What is the $PAPER distribution?

Why $PAPER will grow?

Roadmap for Q1-Q2 2021

  • Expanding to BSC;
  • Improving our risk score model;
  • Token lists integration;
  • Search integration;
  • Your portfolio which automatically tracks your investments and trades performance;
  • Token price analysis (something like a heat map of the token price based on other traders position to define when the price is risky (red zone) and when it’s less risky (green zone);
  • Monetization;
  • Limit orders.

How to get NFT



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