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4 min readMar 3, 2021

A lot of new projects are appearing everyday. It’s hard for investors, traders and users to find new gems among tons of scam and fake tokens. Currently DeFi market has about 39B USD value locked in different projects. Uniswap reached 1B USD volume in 24 hours and has more than 3M monthly users. Pancake swap built on BSC has over 500M USD volume every 24 hours. Sushiswap is also growing and now has more than 350M USD daily trades. New projects are created every single day and market is growing rapidly.

💎Fomo App — the ultimate solution for everyone who wants to make profits trading fresh gems. It helps to find new pairs, sort out worthy tokens with FOMO rating and gives all information on token page.

NFT drop

We are now opening a limited NFT sale. 105 NFTs will be created and distributed to our community and investors. We are aiming to collect 330 ETH.

Why do we need it?

We are looking for resources for faster project development and for marketing to spread a word about the project.

NFT Collection


The Holy Paper NFT card shows $PAPER between two hands — devs and holders. They are closely related to each other. It symbolizes the need to work together to make the project a success.

This card will give you:

— Free FOMO premium features forever

— х4 multiplier during the $PAPER distribution among NFT holders


Nowadays, hundreds of projects are appearing. And you can’t guess which of them will moon or fail. Gem Factory NFT card will leave the 2020–2021 crazy market memory in your collection forever.

This card will give you:

— Free FOMO premium features for 12 months

— х2 multiplier during the $PAPER distribution among NFT


The Moonwalk NFT card is designed to show our dreams of sending $PAPER to the moon and help all NFT holders be happy.

This card will give you:

— Free FOMO premium features for 6 months

— х1 multiplier during the $PAPER distribution among NFT holders

What is the $PAPER distribution?

We will distribute 20,000 $PAPER to NFT holders within 6 months. Each NFT holder will receive a prorated share based on their multiplier. We will distribute $PAPER every 30 days with the following schedule: 5% — 10% — 15% — 20% — 25% — 25%. The first distribution will occur in 7 days after all NFTs are sold out.

Why $PAPER will grow?

$PAPER will be used in the FOMO product. It is available at $PAPER will be required to pay for pro features. Payments will only be produced in $PAPER tokens. Also, $PAPER should be held in case you want to get a discount on payment. After launching Limit order, we will charge users a commission for such trades. The proceeds from this commission will also be used to buy out $PAPER from the market.

An example of our competitors: DEXTools, Astrotools and Unitrade shows the demand for such products. DEXTools has a monthly audience of 3.5 million, which is half the monthly audience of Uniswap. DEXTools and Unitrade tokens are doing great, their total capitalization has already exceeded $30M and continues to grow.

We have a strong and uncompromising intention to become leaders in this market with the most convenient and demanded product. We are already developing at the fastest pace of all competitors and we do not plan to stop.

Roadmap for Q1-Q2 2021

  • Expanding to BSC;
  • Improving our risk score model;
  • Token lists integration;
  • Search integration;
  • Your portfolio which automatically tracks your investments and trades performance;
  • Token price analysis (something like a heat map of the token price based on other traders position to define when the price is risky (red zone) and when it’s less risky (green zone);
  • Monetization;
  • Limit orders.

How to get NFT

You can get it in our official collection on Rarible:



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