Just flush it — flush.lol is now live!

🌊🚽 Flush project origins

Almost half a year the DeFi scene has been breaking all records. Tons of projects made their success on a hype-train, but even more projects failed. Lots of holders multiplied their investments, but again — more of them lost their money.

With that — we created our 🌊🚽 — in order to help people make fun of tokens that failed and even convert their losses into profits.

Flush is a decentralized platform which allows users to spend their failed DeFi tokens and take a chance to win ETH in our games. With every bet player also earns 🧻 PAPER — the native token of 🌊🚽 Flush platform.

Stop thinking that price will recover and you will get out in lambo. Just flush your sadness along with your tokens. The only chance you have is to flush and win! Let’s clear the market together!

🧻 PAPER token

PAPER — is a native governance token of Flush project. Max. supply for PAPER is 69 000 tokens. Yes, only 69 000 tokens. And no more tokens will be ever minted.

PAPER is an anti DeFi bubble index asset. More projects failed means more players we have, spending their unlucky investments, which means more PAPER tokens bought from the market, and finally PAPER price grows. All players get tokens for every bet: starting amount is 0.5 PAPER for each bet.

Of course there is a dev. fund — 10% from all minted tokens.

PAPER token holders will be able to vote on what goes live and when, in order to decentralize the project’s work.

Also there is an anti-inflationary system is applied to the platform:
10% of all drawn ETH will be used to auto market-buy the PAPER token from Uniswap:
7% of all purchased tokens will be sent to 0x0000…. and circulating supply will be decreased forever.
3% from purchased tokens will be sent to the distributor address (read more below).

1000 tokens (1.45%) will be pre-minted at the start to provide liqudity.

🎲 Games

At the very beginning — two game modes are available for players. New games and services as well as any other changes will be the subject for holders to vote. All games are based on smart contracts. Fully transparent and trustless.

🍀 Lucky Number Slevin

  1. User makes a bet in any available DeFi token
  2. Tokens are automatically swapped for ETH and added to the current pool.
  3. User gets an amount of tickets equivalent to his contribution.
  4. Once the pool is 1ETH or more — the game starts. The luckiest is the winner. Game results are based on random numbers generation.

🧟‍♀️ The Last of Us

  1. Players contribute DeFi tokens until the pool hits 1ETH total.
  2. After pool hits 1ETH — auction starts
  3. First player makes any bet
  4. Second player must beat 1st bet with higher one
  5. The last user whose bet will be biggest for 69 blocks in a streak, takes the bank!

👨‍🌾 LP Farming

But how can we call it DeFi without farming? Yes, we didn’t forget about it. Everyone will have a possibility to farm additional PAPER tokens. After each draw we use 10% of the drawn ETH to buy PAPER from the market. 7% of all purchased tokens will be sent to 0x0000… and circulating supply will be decreased forever and the rest 3% will be distributed among all users who are staking PAPER-ETH LP tokens . Distribution is made proportionally, depending on share in the pool. You will be able to withdraw your LP tokens only after PAPER max supply (69 000) is reached.

👨‍💻 Contracts

  1. 🧻 PAPER
  2. 👨‍🌾 FARM
  3. 🍀 Lucky Number Slevin
  4. 🧟‍♀️ The Last of Us

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