Introducing 💎Gem Locator

How it works

  1. Pair;
  2. Token price;
  3. Price change;
  4. Pair liquidity;
  5. Liquidity change;
  6. Volume;
  7. Transactions count;
  8. Creation time.

Few useful tips to check new tokens:

  1. Check if the token’s smart contract code is verificated on the etherscan.
  2. Check transfer and approve methods in the code. There should not be any restrictions for you to sell the token after the buying. Standard ERC20 token example.
  3. Liquidity amount should be solid enough for your investment. Price impact after your purchase should not be higher than 3%.
  4. Check who owns initial LP tokens at the moment. If the deployer address still has all the LP tokens and didn’t lock or burn them, it’s a bad sign.
  5. Check the LP tokens holders amount. The more people have added liquidity is better.
  6. Number of token holders and transactions should be high enough.
  7. Check the amount of unique token sellers. Should be more people than just a deployer and few of his other addresses.
  8. If possible, check project’s website and social media accounts.



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