Fomo App — new brand, new features

We are happy to introduce two things you’ve been waiting for — new branding and new search function. It’s the big event for us — we’ve finally moved from the “meme” theme to something serious. And now we are ready to push the project to the mass.

New brand

As for PAPER — token and its tokenomics will be the same. Just new design — check it out!

Search function

Together with rebranding we want to release one of the main features everyone was asking for — search function. It’s already available for Uniswap and now you can search any token with name/address. All the statistics will be updated as soon as you move to the pair page.
As for now it’s only available for Uniswap-listed tokens, but the Pancakeswap version is coming soon!

As always we want to say big thanks to all our supporters!



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