Fomo App — new brand, new features

We are happy to introduce two things you’ve been waiting for — new branding and new search function. It’s the big event for us — we’ve finally moved from the “meme” theme to something serious. And now we are ready to push the project to the mass.

New brand

FOMO app is the main app we’ve been working on since January because the original idea is irrelevant due to high fees. So, we’ve decided to rebrand our site to — new users will not be confused with this name.
Also, we’ve decided to change the original logo from “toilet emoji” theme to something original. New logo reflects the main goal of the project — to help people find more gems and earn with it.

As for PAPER — token and its tokenomics will be the same. Just new design — check it out!

Search function

Together with rebranding we want to release one of the main features everyone was asking for — search function. It’s already available for Uniswap and now you can search any token with name/address. All the statistics will be updated as soon as you move to the pair page.
As for now it’s only available for Uniswap-listed tokens, but the Pancakeswap version is coming soon!

As always we want to say big thanks to all our supporters!






Get the access to DEX Analytics that other traders don’t have

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Fomo App

Fomo App

Get the access to DEX Analytics that other traders don’t have

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