flush v1.0 — fresh, huge, neat

Hello everyone!
Today we’re happy to introduce the biggest update we’ve been working on — Flush.lol v1.0!

It includes:
1) New main page;
2) New FOMO tool (ex Gem Locator) and token page;
3) NFT.

New main page

FOMO product

FOMO — is an updated Gem Locator, which also includes Token page for all new projects that are appearing there.

Pair page

1) FOMO rating — the rating of token based on pair characteristics.

2) Traders talk — the tool which collects Telegram messages and finds references for each project. It’s still under development and we would be happy to get more trusty telegram chats/groups and Twitter accounts to find more reliable info.

3) Trading chart — the live chart for each pair, based on Uniswap-provided information. It’s a fully functional TradingView chart which you can customize with your comfortable settings.

4) Recent transactions — the list of recent transactions made for each token.

NFT collection

With the biggest update we also want to introduce you flush.lol NFT collection. It’s created to immortalize the crazy market that we are seeing now.

Besides the art, meme and memory value — it also has a material value for all NFT buyers.

The money received from selling these NFTs will be spent on further development of our project.

More about NFTs: https://wtf.flush.lol/nft

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