Big Monthly Post: March — BSC integration, new features and best community

Hello everyone! It’s been a month since our last article and we have a lot of news to share. Let’s start!

NFT sale progress

NFT page on

We’ve started our NFT sale on 11th of March, and in less than a month we already sold more than 70 NFTs (out of 105) which is a great result!

NFT sale will end on 5th of April. First rewards distribution will happen on 12th of April, so you still have a chance to purchase NFT. Please also note that you can own multiple NFTs and get rewards for each.

Check out here

Huge update with BSC. Pancakeswap Integration.

Pancake version of FOMO app

We’ve also released our BSC version on FOMO app. It’s 100% functional. Check it out here

Brand new entry price analysis feature

Our groundbreaking price analyzer!

Have you ever wondered what’s the current holders weighted average entry price? Is it a good decision to jump in now or resistance level won’t let the price to the moon?

Now it’s easier with the fomo app! We’ve released a new feature that allows you to check the price entry level of any token and make smart decisions!

FOMO app

Still in beta, we will be glad to receive any feedback and remarks from you. Enjoy!


During March we’ve also reached some targets in our community, big thanks to everyone who’s supporting us in our socials. With your help we’ve hit 1000 subs in Telegram and more than 400 people in Twitter!

Also $PAPER is now listed on Coingecko and CoinMarketCap, which really helped us to grow.

We are now in top sellers on Rarible!

And last, but not least — we’ve got verification for our Rarible profile/collection. And now we are in top sellers for 30 days! Thanks to all NFT buyers.

What’s next?

There’s a short roadmap for April, just for you guys to know what’s going on:

1. We are now discussing some big partnerships

2. Portfolio which will be able to track all your Uniswap and Pancakeswap trades together with your profits and losses.

3. Token search which will help you to get Fomo app analysis of any token listed on Uniwap and Pancakeswap.

4. Telegram bot with notifications




Get the access to DEX Analytics that other traders don’t have

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