Hello, everyone!

We are finally ready to announce the update everyone has been waiting for — PRO features and new staking programs.

Pro features

2017 was famous for ICOs, 2018–19 was the time of IEO. 2021 is a year of IDOs. But how to track all available sales and not to skip any of them?

We are happy to introduce two things you’ve been waiting for — new branding and new search function. It’s the big event for us — we’ve finally moved from the “meme” theme to something serious. And now we are ready to push the project to the mass.

New brand

FOMO app is…

First of all — we want to say big thanks for your support. We are shocked how fast our NFT sale was finished (took less than a month)!

We’ve been in Rarible and CoinMarketCap tops for a few times and this is only the beginning for $PAPER and FOMO app…

Hello everyone! It’s been a month since our last article and we have a lot of news to share. Let’s start!

NFT sale progress

A lot of new projects are appearing everyday. It’s hard for investors, traders and users to find new gems among tons of scam and fake tokens. Currently DeFi market has about 39B USD value locked in different projects. Uniswap reached 1B USD volume in 24 hours and has more than…

Hello everyone!
Today we’re happy to introduce the biggest update we’ve been working on — Flush.lol v1.0!

It includes:
1) New main page;
2) New FOMO tool (ex Gem Locator) and token page;
3) NFT.

New main page

As we are moving on and developing a great project — we decided to make…

Have you ever felt that you missed some potentially good investment at an early stage? This feeling follows all crypto traders and believers when a new gem is rocketing to the moon.

Happy to introduce 💎Gem Locator v 0.1 …

Enjoyed the idea of flush.lol? Have a lot of different DeFi tokens? Maybe even shitcoins? But not ready to say goodbye and flush them yet? Ok, then make it work for you.

🪠 Plunger is designed to make you profit out of any of your tokens without selling or exchanging…

There is the guide how to use https://flush.lol
Project introduction: https://flushlol.medium.com/just-flush-it-flush-lol-is-now-live-ffbc3670f270

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Open https://flush.lol
  2. You’ll see two game modes: Lucky Number Slevin and Last of us, where Lucky Number Slevin is a lottery and Last of us is an auction.

Fomo App

Get the access to DEX Analytics that other traders don’t have

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